It takes time to develop strong instincts.

When you care deeply about something and you invest ten, twenty, or even thirty years working towards something, you build up your skill level and knowledge. You accumulate valuable experience, and you learn firsthand how the profession works. There’s no substitute for real world training, especially in an industry as complex as commercial real estate. First American Commercial Property Group has more combined experience than anyone else in our territory.

Clients & Customers
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Strength in Numbers

As we've grown, First American has brought on new brokers, partners, and agents, each with their own unique histories. Teamwork has allowed us to move into new markets and take on different types of clients, and we will continue to do so as long as we’re still providing the level of personal service our clients expect.

Knowing the Market

Think about how many factors go into every decision we make. We consider local regulations, market trends, financial forecasts, and a whole list of other variables before we decide what our next move should be. The key to a long, successful run in this business is arriving at the best informed decision in the shortest amount of time. That happens naturally when you have the shared experiences of a group of smart, motivated individuals all working together for you.