Experts in real estate brokerage for over 3 decades.

Our strategy is simple and effective: we approach each project with a fresh perspective and an eye for detail. Our insights come from decades of experience and a wide range of expertise. With First American, you have the advantage of working with a group of talented professionals who each have the creativity and skill to ensure the successful execution of any project at every stage.

Developer & Builder Brokerage

Invest in Land & Other Commercial Real Estate Assets

Real estate holdings are the key to a strong investment portfolio. Whether you're considering raw, entitled or improved land, prime locations for commercial development, or existing commercial properties, First American has the experience to guide you through the acquisition process and onward. Start by narrowing down your options.

Lean On Our Experience

Tell us how you plan on using the land, and we'll prepare a list of optimal properties. If you’re looking for a smart investment with no immediate developmental road map, we can help with that, too. We keep your long-term best interest in mind, and we’re ready to offer as much guidance as you need during every step of the way.

We Think Ahead

Since we have decades of experience in both builder and developer brokerage, our advice is informed by what serves your current and future needs. A sound investment is one that anticipates which direction the market is going in and gets there first. Because this business is so fast-paced, it is imperative to have a team of trained professionals on your side.